Why do I need an online reservation system?


To understand the importance of having an online reservation system it helps to understand what is an online booking/reservation system?

An online booking system allows for your customers to make a reservation or booking for a duration of time in a room of their choice and pay on your website at any time. This is particularly useful for accommodation businesses. For hotels/motels or any accommodation business, this is an essential revenue system.

What are the benefits of having an online reservation system?

1. Commission free bookings

> Make your hotel website your most profitable sales channel. It is a fact that most hotel reservations are made online these days with the majority of them being made online after hours. Having an online reservation system allows you to receive direct, commission free bookings 24 hours a day 7 days of the week.

> The direct booking experience is quick, easy and can be done on their mobile device or desktop computer.

> Reduces your dependence on third-party sales channels.

2. It’s simply good customer service

> The reservation process for your guest will be an easy and enjoyable process. This is their first impression of your brand and first impressions count.

> Nurture your guests with emails pre, during and post stay that helps to drive guest satisfaction and increase guest loyalty.

3. Own the guest relationship

> Having an online reservation system allows you to collect valuable customer data. This is a valuable asset to any accommodation business allowing you to provide a more personalised customer experience

4. Save time by eliminating manual entry

> Simplify the administration process for you and your staff. This means you can focus on parts of the business that need your attention. This is also the easiest way to improve the efficiency when you are managing accommodation.

> Update your rates, availability and special offers across all your systems seamlessly.

> Receive instant payments and generate reports.

5. Increase your occupancy and reduces overbooking

> When an online reservation system is in place an working correctly all rates and availability are updated in real time, this reduces the likely hood of overbooking and significantly improves the effectiveness of your hotel operation.