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Team Training

Once you’ve decided to go ahead utilising Pub Rooms services, we will commence setting up all of the software on your behalf.  The software will manage your inventory and rates online (the old reservations ‘book’ will become a relic of the past!).

This will include the following ‘cloud' based software:
  1. Front Office Management system - to manage all of your client bookings, guest registration, payment as well as reporting and a host of other features.
  2. Booking Engine - that will go on your own web site so guests can reserve a room 24/7. This is more efficient for your guests as they can immediately see the availability of your rooms and associated room pricing options, allowing them to book and receive confirmation online.  It’s also more efficient for your pub staff, as they won’t be answering emails or phone enquiries, so it’s a win win!
  3. In order to enhance your profile and bookings, we list your accommodation on several global sites.

Once the software is all set up (allow up to 30-days), we provide your staff with all the training they will need to manage the software. Change is never easy, but we will lighten your load and stay with you, providing support and backup training as it’s required.

Revenue & Yield Management

Revenue Management

Revenue and Yield Management, combined, are the key drivers to maximise accommodation profitability.

We take our combined experience applying it to your business with a customised approach. We understand that every property and every client is unique and deserves an individual plan for success.



We provide many varying levels of support, to your head office and at a local pub level. Staff have access to our ’support desk’ which is open Monday to Friday, 9.00am till 5.00pm (AEST).  Here we can assist in providing your staff by answering all questions they may have pertaining to guests, bookings, payments, check in and check out, all the day to day questions your team will have concerning accommodation.


Our other services

Property Management System
Property Management System

Property Management System

We provide you with the property management system (PMS) that integrates seamlessly with your booking engine and the channel manager. This is where you manage your reservations, checkin/out's, take direct bookings and manage all customer correspondence.

Booking Engine
Booking Engine

Booking Engine

We customise your booking engine to suit your brand and the theme of your website making it integrate seamlessly within your website. It is cloud-based, responsive and makes your rooms available online 24/7. The button is called a 'booking button'.

Pub Rooms Channel Manager
Channel Manager

Channel Manager

Channel manager - Your property will be loaded onto the most relevant online travel agents, (OTA's) for your property. We will keep the content up to date so that your property is displayed in its best possible form. Once a booking is made through one of the OTA's this will reflect across your property management system.

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