The Pub Rooms System’s New COVID 19
Pre-arrival Check-in Option


Simplifying the Health Declaration Process

Through this new wizard, guests can easily complete all documents prior to arrival, saving time and collecting necessary information required prior to when a guest checks-in.

  • The declaration wizard can be triggered to guests before check in via SMS or email (additional costs apply for the SMS feature)
  • The declaration wizard forms a part of the Guest Portal Pre Check In process
  • The message centre will alert you only if there is an issue that requires attention, such as a guest answering NO to any question
  • All successful declarations will be stored in each reservation under correspondence
  • This functionality is free for all RMS clients
  • Saves time and reduces the risk of manual errors

This is an opt-in feature
Please email for further information about activating this feature and allow 7 days for activation. There is no additional cost for the activation of this feature.


It is now compulsory for all business to be registered with State Governments as COVID Safe.

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