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Channel Management Service

With the majority of all online travel bookings made through online Travel Agencies (OTA's) it's hard to ignore their power in the Tourism and Travel industry. Being on multiple websites is a huge advantage to anyone who is selling their accommodation online and benefits you as a property manager greatly.

Pub Rooms is able to efficiently and effectively tap into OTA's such as, giving your property the best presence available online. We know how to get your property to rank higher in the listings giving you an advantage over your competition.

Hotel distribution in real-time, online

This means when you update the price of your room rate it is reflected automatically on all OTA's that your property is connected to. The best part about our channel manager is that it has a 2 way connection.


  • Real-time property distribution
  • Regulation of inventory
  • Elimination of duplicate bookings
  • Immediately update your hotel inventory across all channels when a booking is made.
  • Maximise your revenue by selling as many rooms as possible.
Pub Rooms services explained

Our Channel Manager is just a part of the solution when it comes to what we offer.

Check out our Property Management System and what our Booking Engine can do.

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